Devotional: Out Of The Darkness

Today’s Devotional has a very personal flavor to it, in that, I must tell a brief background story about my life for you to really understand it’s meaning to me and from where in my heart it comes from. And it all begins with where I found myself about five years ago.

About twenty years ago, my life was great. I had everything a woman could want. It was great; until it wasn’t anymore! I had a good relationship with the Lord. We were very close. But, when I believed that He was calling me to preach, I ran from God and turned away from the calling on my life. I was afraid to teach and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I ran! And for seventeen years I ran. As a result of turning away from God, my life began to spiral out of control. I was met with some awful situations I found myself in. I even became a statistic of the opiate crisis we are still fighting today.

To make a long story short, I became addicted to pain pills. It was bad! And I was in a bad head space, (a bad heart space too)! Pain pills became my cunning best friend. I didn’t care about anything else. It got so bad, that I didn’t pay any of my bills and with that, my lights got turned off. I remember spending the winter of 2017 in my big, cold house, all alone, with no power, heat, or water. Yes, it was that bad!

But you know what, it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me! Because it drove me to my knees, and I began to cry out to God! One day, as I was reading my bible; in the dark, the Lord said to me, “even if the lights were on, you would still be in the dark”. Wow!!! That was deep! But so true! I truly was in darkness in more ways than one! That year, five years ago, I went for help and I’ve been free and clean ever since. You see, when you think that you are “all that and a bag of chips”, the Lord will humble you!!! Take heed lest you be next!

Anyway, a couple of years later, God gave me “Out Of The Darkness”, and it goes like this….

“Come out My child, come out of the darkness. There is still a glimpse of light there, go to it, it will help you to see your way out of the darkness.

You will find peace there, you will find hope and love there, joy and happiness. You are not meant to stay where you are, so go to the light. It remains there waiting for you. Don’t be afraid, come My lovely one, take My hand and I will guide you through. There is another side to your struggle. There is freedom on the other side, hope, a new life with new desires and all that you need. I, am on that other side. I assure you, you have nothing to fear. Just trust Me. I won’t let you down. There is fresh love there for you. Your battle is over, you have overcome.

So walk through it, talk your way through it; pray your way through it…. even sing your way through it! The eyes of the Lord are upon you, watching over you.

And when you get to the other side, shout! Shout Hallelujah! Give Him praise. He inhabits the praise! All the glory is His! No one else has done this for you. It is He, the One who adores you.”

So shout! And shout again! Hallelujah! Out of the Darkness into His Marvelous Light! Peace and Amen. Monica Bell

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From Darkness Into His Light

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Published by Monica Bell

Hi! I'm Monica! I'm an ordinary woman who wants to do extraordinary work for my God. I began Bella's Blessings Blog to encourage and inspire women in their faith walk and in their day-to-day lives. I'm new at this "techy" stuff, but I pray my words will uplift and enlighten you in some way. I believe all women are extra-ordinary as designed by their Creator. We have soooooo much inside of us to offer to this world. I designed this Blog for you and for me to grow and glorify our Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I'm here to encourage you and to assist you in bringing your jewels to the surface. You are a're even more valuable than that! You are precious to our Savior and you were created to soar! I Pray God's Blessings Over You.

7 thoughts on “Devotional: Out Of The Darkness

  1. To God Be The Glory! What a powerful testimony. As the song says, “turn it over to the Lord He’ll work it out”. You are a shining example.🙏❤


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