Who Are You And Who Are You Growing To Be?!

Grow into your Beautiful Self!

Hi, I’m Monica, and I would love to grow with YOU! To see you grow into the woman that Jesus Christ has called you to be. Let’s break out of our shells together and show this world who our Christ Jesus really is! WHO ARE YOU AND WHO ARE YOU GROWING TO BE?! Are you growing into the very best you?! Are you growing into Christ-likeness? Let”s walk this venture together! One step at a time! Who are you and Who are you Growing to be?!

……because even among the many many Sunflowers, YOU still stand OUT!

Sunflower field with one Sunflower standing out! That's You!

From the blog

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Hi! I’m Monica! I am happy you stopped by! I’m here to serve you in any way I can. To encourage you to be your very best. Live your life, you only have one! I pray this Blog encourages you and propels you into your God-given call! Know that with God, all things are possible!

With Love in my heart, Monica Bell

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