Launch Out Into The “Deeper.” In The New Land, Leave Everything And Follow Me.

My Pastor preached a powerful message and teaching this week on Luke 5:1-11. One of his statements that really stuck with me was, “Provision waits on Obedience.” In verse 4 of Luke 5, Jesus instructs His disciples to, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” Now in this chapter, it also tells us that the disciples had “toiled all night and caught nothing.” This is what they told Jesus. But, nevertheless, at His command, they did as He instructed, they obeyed. As a result of their obedience to His words, provision was obtained. The disciples caught so many fish, the boats “began to sink.”

Provision Waits on Obedience.

Launch Out Into The Deeper

His message got me to thinking about this new season of my life that I’m about to journey through. I’m moving to a new place of residence, but not only to a new place of residence but also to a totally new state! I’m moving on to the next chapter of my life! A new territory I’ve never encountered before. With new and greater responsibilities, greater possibilities, greater probabilities. God has made it clear to me that I am on a mission. His mission, to “fish for men.” This new move, and encountering new people and new places my feet must trod, is totally unchartered grounds for me. And it’s also a little scary because I know where I’m going, the Lord is going to require more from me. “To whom much is given, much is required.” Luke 12:48.

Jesus is calling some of us into deeper waters with Him. Calling us to a New Land where He’s going to ask of us to step into uncomfortable situations, like, possibly speaking unpopular words to an audience of His choosing or maybe leading, guiding, and instructing others in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Where we will truly find the deeper provisions of God. Receiving this kind of provision from God requires being willing to take risks. Be a “risk-taker.” And go into deeper waters. We’re gonna have to be willing to lose everything to gain Everything. That means that when the Holy Spirit says to speak, we have to speak. That means not “shrinking back” when the Spirit of God is leading you to say something to someone that is for their own good, but they may not be ready to receive it. Obey, and speak it anyway!

After the disciples witnessed this miracle of Jesus’, they left everything to follow Him. Jesus told them, “don’t be afraid, from now on you’ll catch men.” This is also our assignment from Him….our call, our ministry. We, His chosen, His ambassadors, His disciples, must give it all up and be “all in” for Christ. For the sake of the Gospel. God has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ and has given us the ministry of reconciliation. We have been tasked with a command and the responsibility of telling the world what Jesus has done for them!

My Pastor’s teaching on this Scripture, helped to release me to be able to admit and confess to God and to myself, how I so desperately want more of God, so much more of Him; O how I hunger for more of Him, but I do not like to do the things that make me uncomfortable, like, speaking in front of people. I’ve battled with this undesirable trait for quite some time now, and it ends now! Again, Provision waits on Obedience. How can I ask God to give me “more”, more insight, more revelation, more of His heart, when I shrink back and seize up on the Holy Spirit’s leadings when He instructs me to do or say something I’m not comfortable with?! I must be willing to go out into the deeper! Be obedient to His possible difficult request of me and do the hard work that is required for my flesh to die and His Spirit within me to grow! No matter how uncomfortable His commands of me may make me, I must be Obedient!

But God is saying, “Let Me heal you of this bondage.” It is a bondage. It’s a hindrance. It’s holding you back. You hold back from total obedience to Me, and it’s holding you back from walking in total freedom in Me!”Let Me set you free from your desire of only wanting to live in what is convenient and comfortable for you.” God wants to deliver us from this captivity. He has called all of His own, to lay it all before Him, and follow Him, and that means even the “uncomfortableness”(if that’s a word) of the moments He may lead us into. You will never experience His deeper until you are willing to dive into the deeper waters. God is saying, “Let Me heal you.”

Where Jesus is leading you, and the provision you truly desire of the Lord, is into deeper waters. You gotta go into the deeper waters to gain access to His “more.” Launch out into the deeper and delight in all that God has planned for your life. You must say, “What can man do to me?” “I can’t hold back any longer!” It’s a New Beginning in a New Land. It’s New Wine in New Wineskins. This is a holy breakthrough and a supernatural breakthrough for you. God is setting up your future. This is the answer to your many prayers and what you’ve wholeheartedly desired from God Almighty! Freedom! Freedom to fully walk in the love of God! It’s the Freedom that Christ brings to an obedient heart.

Like me, supernatural beginnings have come your way! Your new beginning in your new land! A fresh start! Wow! That’s awesome! How many people are presented with this kind of an opportunity?! This is the best thing that could’ve happened to you! A new beginning to your life, not the ending. It’s another chapter to be written. You write the narrative as you live, breathe, and move in God’s divine plans for your life. You write the narrative as you “get” to experience what very well could have been your “should’ve,” “would’ve,” “could’ves,” had you not dove into deeper waters with Christ. God has great moments of joy and prosperity designed, especially for you. God can do a lot with a little. Step into a growing, deeper faith in Christ…. step into complete obedience to His will; step into your deeper waters by abiding in Him and trusting the Holy Spirit’s leading. And be prepared to be richly blessed! Provision waits on Obedience. Launch Out Into The Deeper.

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A Beautiful Word: Structure

Oh, Wow! This one is a “doozy”! Why?! Why is hearing the word “structure” causing us to think something like; someone’s about to tell us how we should act?! Or what we should or should not do?!

No, what I’m about to share with you is what structure says you either will do or you won’t do. Either way; structure will have her way with you. You see, if you choose not to have structure in your life and in your home, then she will grant you what you desired. And if you choose to have structure in your life and in your home, then she will bless you with a less chaotic; some sort of order; in your life. It’s our choosing!

Structure- the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex. Or, construct or arrange according to a plan; give a pattern or organization to. Arrange, Organize, Order, Form. The meaning of structure I’d like to talk about today is the meaning of structure that deals with order. Order in our life, order in our homes, order in our world. Ways we can order our lives simpler; ways we can structure our lives a little less chaotic.

This is not where I thought I was going with Structure, but here we go….

I believe many feel like we can’t have structure in our everyday life. And where I realize it’s not easy and we have busy, busy lives; there can still be order in our day to day living. Like most things in life; what is most important to us? Is it more important that Jimmy has a new pair of designer jeans or else he thinks everyone in the class is going to talk about him because he doesn’t have designers jeans or, is it more important for Jimmy to know that having designers jeans doesn’t dictate who he is as a good person? What matters to us the most? What does that scenario have to do with order…… with structure?!

You see, sometimes we will appease our children and give them the things in life that really don’t matter just to keep from having to deal with a possible temper tantrum, ie, no order. Or rather to simply explain to our children and teach them the things in life that really do matter, like, the importance of not always getting your own way and instead having a thankful and grateful heart for everything we do have. The arranging of Life and having order is complex. And we have to figure out how to put the pieces together to help make our lives more favorable, less chaotic; ways to create order and structure.

Because we as a family have a plan, ie structure of how we want our family to thrive; From the scenario above: if Jimmy had already been taught the true things that matter in life, like, honesty, empathy for others, kindness and so forth, he would not have a fit or behave in such a way because, there is order and structure in his household, because his parents have already taught him that what people think of him, isn’t important, but what you think and believe about yourself is what we as a family care about and focus on. Society and what others deem you worthy of does not dictate who you are as a person.

I realize in the world we live in today, kids can be and in fact are cruel to one another and I don’t take that lightly, not at all, but what I am saying is, in the long run; as Jimmy gets older; what’s going to make the real difference for him in life as an adult? How he sees himself or what others think of him?! What are we teaching our children people?! What messages are we sending them?! To be true to themselves or be true to the world and it’s values?! We have to decide what really matters to us. We need structure. What should really matter to Jimmy is that he comes from a stable and a loving home where he has values and he recognizes he is loved, complete and ok with being himself (whether he has designer jeans or not).

I guess why this is so important to me today is because I feel some of us are raising our children with an incorrect meaning of life and why we exist. And it’s costing us a great deal! Kids today are getting killed over a pair of sneakers! They’re getting bullied for not having what others have! For not being like others and for not being what the world deems as “normal”. This just should not be! What I wear or what I don’t wear is not all that I am!!!

Structure: “Jimmy, today mom went out and bought you a new pair of jeans and I hope you like them?” Jimmy’s answer should be, “thanks mom, I appreciate that”! No, I am not living in “lala” land!!! I know the world I/we live in! But how can we begin to change how our children see themselves and how they value life?! It has to begin somewhere? Why not let it start there?! With a pair of jeans?! Why not teach our children the real value of life? Structure. Order. And it starts in the home. What we teach our children at home.

What are you teaching your children at home? What values are you instilling in them?! Does your children know how much you love them and that you work very hard to put clothes on their backs and food in their mouths?! Where should it begin you guys? What’s our part in the condition of the world we live in today? What have we said regarding what’s truly important to have and be?

Order and structure, structure and order; has to begin with us! Us as a people, us as a generation of people. What we teach them now will trickle down to what they teach their children, and the next generation, and the next generation, and the next generation. Let’s stop “messing up” our children?! Let’s teach them that a pair of jeans is just a pair of pants, in fact, a piece of fabric to cover your legs and butt! (Please don’t misunderstand the message today. If you think that I am saying to have designer jeans or anything of the such that there is something wrong with that, you have completely missed the point!) Peace and Amen.

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Take Your Family Back!!! Keys To Growng A Stronger Family!

Baby steps my Loves, baby steps. I’m sitting here thinking what to write about next on our blog post. I was just given a prompting from Holy Spirit about something I could implement while visiting my daughter and Grandbabies in Connecticut next month. So I decided, why not share that same information with you guys?! Since we’re on this journey together to grow into our Beautiful selves and my ultimate aim is to help families become stronger in their faith and relationship with God.

Family Meetings! That’s what’s on my heart right now! Beginning Anywhere From Where You Are Is A Start! So wait! Please read on?! Oh, I know it’s nothing new under the sun to you and that some of you are already having family meetings and that’s great! 3 cheers for you!!! I sincerely mean that! But many, many families are not and as a result, family life at home is in disarray or there just isn’t order and everyone is going on doing his or her own thing. One family member feels this about that; while another member feels like they’re not being heard at all! Another one has just “checked out” completely! The list can go on and on! But it doesn’t have to be that way! Everyone has a voice. And everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. From the tiniest little feet to the grown man’s input. We all want to be heard! Beginning Anywhere From Where You Are Is A Start To Something New! God meets you where you are!

I started out by writing, “Introduce The Family Meeting to them”. I know many of you have added family meetings to your “thing to do” list, but how many of you are actually doing it?! It begins with Open With Prayer and someone keeping the notes of what we’ve discussed to have for later use to remember and to kindly hold someone accountable for what they said they would do in our previous meeting. And also to have a record in later years to reflect on to see how everyone has grown over the years.

If you would like to start family meetings in your home, the structure would look something like this; Open With Prayer. Rules:

No Shouting

Only One Person Speaks At A Time

How Can We Make Your Life Here With Us As A Family Member Better?

Talk It Out! Pray About EVERYTHING!!!

Be Honest! Be For Real!

Any New Ideas To Offer To The Family To Help The Family Grow Stronger?

Respect One Another’s Feelings.

The End Results:

No Holding Grudges.

No Unforgiveness.

A Vow To Do Better And Talk To Someone If You’re Having Difficulty In Trying To Do Better In An Area.

Agree To Disagree At Times. And Maybe Discuss In A Different Arena If Possible, To Put On Hold Temporarily.

End With Prayer! Hugs and Kisses! And A “Hoorah” For Being A Stronger Family!!!

As you can see, it doesn’t have to take long. It takes as long as it takes; to become the family unit you want to see! But remember; to be in your Children’s memories tomorrow; you have to be in their lives today!

Important side note: say to them, “you guys are getting older and soon you will be out there with the real world and we won’t be there to hold your hands as you make life choices and it’s important to know what we as a family believe without any compromise, like, Respect for yourself and for your fellow-man. No matter who or what, don’t compromise on your own values. We don’t “pick” fights, we “end” them! We recognize we are Influencers, so watch how you present yourself. We are Leaders, lead with discretion. We protect the weak. We carry The Word of God as Our Weapon!”

Of course this list is not exhaustive and there is much I could have included, but you get the plan! There are so many ideas you can add to your list. Have fun with it! Kids really do like structure and they love being apart of A Strong Family Unit! Grow Stronger Together!!!

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Beautiful Word Of The Month: Believing!

Why did I choose “Believing” as the Beautiful Word of The Month? Don’t you see my loves, Believing Is Everything! What we believe about our lives, is what our lives will become. Good or bad. What we believe about ourselves will dictate how we see ourselves and how we behave and ultimately what we become. If I cannot believe or see myself as getting better, as becoming a better person; than I probably won’t be a better person! So believing is crucial to our well-being.

And that is why I try to take every opportunity to lead and guide others to Christ! I know, that I know, that I know, He is our only way! The way He sees us, is the only way to see ourselves! And what we believe about Him, sets the stage for what we believe about ourselves! If we don’t know and believe that He said we are the “apple of His eye”; and that we are “His beloved”; and that He listens when we call on Him; we wouldn’t have the confidence to ignore others and tell them to “talk to the hand” when they try to make us think less of ourselves. We would just be lost and without hope of ever discovering the Dynamic and Awesome Warriors we were created to be! But when you know…..! And when you Believe….!

Ladies and Gentlemen; we are Queens and Kings! We are the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus! We are His heirs! We are the head and not the tail! Ladies, we are Warrior Princesses! And we have the favor of God all over our lives!

Don’t tell me that you can’t make it out of bed today! Don’t tell me that I can’t start off my day with affirmations of who He saids I am! Don’t tell me that I don’t walk in victory! Don’t tell me that anything I touch doesn’t turn to gold! I am the daughter of the King!!! And it’s about time we start acting like it! WHAT YOU BELIEVE ABOUT YOURSELF MATTERS! AND WHAT YOU BELIEVE ABOUT GOD IS EVERYTHING!!! God is who He saids He is and He will do what He saids He will do! Without believing, many important things in our lives will crumble and fall. Believing! Belief is the Work!

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Something For Your Heart!

When the thought of “Something For Your Heart” came to my heart, it gave me such a feeling of warmth in my spirit. It caused me to “become attentive” because God was about to share something praise worthy with me….with us! And I’m thinking you felt something similar when you read the title?! It made me anticipate the possibilities! Possibilities for my good. It gave me the sense that I was about to read something that was going to help me in some way.

Why? Why did reading those four words invoke such feelings?! Because we are all looking for someone to tell us something that gives us hope and meaning and touches our heart. We are all looking to be acknowledged in some way. We want to be told that everything is going to work out fine. We are all wanting a better life for ourselves and our loved ones! We want to be the best person we can possibly be(most of us anyway). And unless something effects our heart and our thinking, it can’t effectively be put into action. And even if it is acted upon, it won’t have the same impact to change us.

Impact. That was my heart’s desire when the Lord called me to venture into teaching and preaching and writing His words. I wanted to make a positive impact on people’s lives. I wanted to share with them something useful that they could use to make a real difference in their lives. I wanted that so much so that it is what drives me in my writing style…in my writing thoughts( and of course the Holy Spirit). To me, there’s not much point in writing something if it doesn’t move a person’s heart to make a change in some way. If it doesn’t grab a hold of them at the core of their being and causes them to do something different….something different that enlightens them and makes them new! Why write if you’re not helping someone?! If the words we write don’t hit the reader where it matters, we are just tapping on letters.

So what’s the “Something for your heart” message? The something for your heart is the comfort of knowing that we know Someone who can heal our hearts! Someone who can change our lives. Someone who truly cares about us and wants to make us new. His name is Jesus and He is with you now wanting to take on your struggles and simplify your life. He doesn’t want us striving…..losing our peace. He can and wants to help us in every aspect of our lives. That is a comfort to me. He is Help like no other. His help truly changes our circumstances!

You wanna change? Ask Him! You wanna different life for you and your children? Ask Him! You want a new beginning? Ask Him! Whatever it is…. whatever you need, it’s at His table. Go to Him in prayer and ask Him. And that my loves, is Something For Your Heart!

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Bible. Words for your heart!
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A New Word You Have Given Me Today!

I must do the work of an empowered writer. I must say to Your people what You cause me to say. It mus’nt be my words, but Your words. I write for You my Lord. I will sit attentively and listen to You. I mus’nt say a word, only listen. Listen even when it’s silent. For that is when I will hear You the loudest!.

Reign over me Lord; rule and reign over me! The just shall live by faith and not by sight! The just shall say, be still and know that He is God! I watch and I wait as You must graph Your words into their souls and into their spirit. Graph it in as a seamstress intertwines a needle with thread and stitches a garment as she sews. I must sow Your word. And they will reap the benefits from our King! There is no room for mistakes, otherwise I may prick my fingers and not prick their soul’s.

Happy are they that wait on the Lord! For they will be changed. Happy are they that wait on the Lord for they shall be renewed. Happy are they that sit quietly and wait for Him! For they shall be refreshed. Wait I say, wait on the Lord. Happy are they who admonishes to do the sweet Lord’s work. Wait I say, wait on the Lord.

For the Ministers out there who wishes to only do the work of our Lord. Prepare the way of the Lord! Do as He admonishes you to do! Say what He admonishes you to say! Your reward will be great!

Wait I say, wait on the Lord. Amen.

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Tuesday’s Beautiful Word: Praying- It’s The Positioning Of The Heart

When most of us think about praying, we think of being on bended knees with our hands together, and bowing our heads; with our eyes closed; and that’s great, that’s a correct way to pray of course. But what’s the position of your heart when you’re praying?

When I think of praying, I think of the positioning of my heart. In my heart, I am bowing down to Him. With reverence and with great humility in my heart, I am laying prostrate before Him. It’s such a powerful positioning of the heart to present to Him.

Just think about it; we get to bow before The Throne of Grace of The All Powerful Maker of the Universe and speak to Him! Knowing that is a humbling posture to take in itself. Yet, it’s a privilege that we don’t always take advantage of. The One, who makes all the difference in the world; the Sovereign One; calls us His friend. He is our faithful Father and a Companion to lean on.

So why do we have a hard time in always praying to Him with a bowed heart?! Is it pride?! Is it that we don’t know how?! Is it that we don’t want to give up our control?! Control of what the world would consider as being weak?!

I think it’s much deeper than that. I think, that most of us have a difficult time processing that we are actually able to commune with The Almighty God. Jehovah! Yahweh! The God who set all things into motion; who called all things into being; is yours and my friend whom “we get” to pray to. The only true God would allow us to have fellowship with Him. It’s a humbling thought to grasp no doubt! But it is also what we, as God’s children, are privy to.

So how can we be more enabling of the positioning of our heart’s to Him; be more mindful of how we approach God? We have to be willing to die to self; your emotions, your thoughts and what you want; give up yourself and don’t think about yourself! Just think of Him! Think of His goodness surrounding you. Encompassing you. Being a hedge of protection all around you and rest in it; relax in it! Be willing to allow Him to absolve your entire being in the warmth of His glory and majesty. Allow yourself to be free and without thought of anything but Him. Be willing to be vulnerable and open and transparent. Take the position of a contrite heart and mind. Be moldable. Be willing to be consumed by Him.

And with all of that positioning of oneself; the positioning of ones heart; transformation takes place! A new you evolves. A recreated being comes forth! We become awakened to the feelings of being renewed and refreshed having been in His presence. That is the positioning of the heart. That is praying to The Almighty God!

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Devotional: Know Your Worth And Conquer Your Destiny!

This was my very first blog post, dated June 2022. I thought it was worth sharing again.

I’m sitting here in my bedroom wondering what to write about in my very first blog post? I’m so not a computer person. In fact, I’m so not “tech savvy” that I don’t even know if this blog is live yet. But, what came to my heart is that, you don’t have to be techno savvy to know that peoples hearts are aching. With each and every passing day, some of God’s most gifted and talented children are going to their graves without having ever realized how great they were born to be.

If that is you, and you don’t know your value; you have been told a lie! That’s the trickery of the enemy! He doesn’t want you to become aware of and enlightened to your greatest destiny!

I realize that it’s not easy coming out of that kind of a mindset and curse, but people, we must! You are so painfully awesome that I believe it grieves the Father’s heart to see you in any other condition!

So what’s the answer Monica? What’s the thing to do next?! Call on Him! And call on Him loudly! Let there be desperation in our voices; pleadings within our hearts! Lament and mourn for the person you were destined to be! Know your worth and conquer your destiny!!!

Until my next posting, my prayer is for you to seek Jesus and be set free! “He in whom the Son sets free is free indeed” John 8:36.

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Knowing Your Worth And Conquering Your Destiny! Be determined to be the beautiful person you were created to be.

Devotional: When You Find Me

Recapture the love relationship you once shared with the Lord. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” James 4:8. Humility Cures Worldliness.

Previously I shared with you in the Devotional: Out Of The Darkness how God had given me a beautiful life and also how I turned away from that beautiful life and Him when I thought He was calling me to preach. And my life spiraled out of control as a result of running from Him. The enemy stole seventeen years of my life from me. But in my repentant and humbled heart, I cried out to God, and in His great mercy towards me; He gave me Joel 2:25, “I will restore to you the years that the swarming locusts has eaten”. And that is exactly what He is doing!

Devotional: When You Find Me

When you find Me, you will find that I’ve been right here all along. You see, I never left you….you left Me. But now that you know that I am still here for you, what is your hearts’ desire?

When you find Me, you will discover that I am still your faithful Father. I am your Rock to lean on. Let Me have all of your burdens; they’re weighing you down and you were not designed to carry such a heavy load.

When you find Me, stay for awhile, spend time with Me. I will make everything good for you again. Stay close to Me and never let Me go. Life is not desirable without Me.

When you find Me, let the world know all about Me. There are others that need Me just as much as you do, so share Me with others. Tell them of My goodness and how much I care for them. Tell them I am here to take on their struggles. I died on the Cross for you and for them. Death couldn’t keep Me in the grave and neither shall it keep you there.

Come alive again My child, you have much work to do. I created you for service; for Kingdom building, for helping to see others through. And in helping others, you will begin to see your way through. So, when you find Me, never leave Me again My child, never leave Me again. Peace and Amen. Monica Bell

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No Man Shall Pluck You Out Of My Hands! John 10:28

A New Day To Be Free!

Yesterday is forever gone. Today is new with many many possibilities. What will you exchange these next few hours of your life for?! You see, once you spend it, it’s gone; gone forever! So how valuable is today to you?! What will you do, say and be today?! Caution: Be mindful; you’re exchanging it for a day spent from your life hours!

Will you choose to use this day to be free and to live your best life, or will you exchange this valuable commodity for a day filled with depression, anxiety, worry and the like? It’s up to you; it’s really up to you. You have control of your will, God gave us free will, but, it is the Father that does the drawing. The drawing of our mind unto Himself. The drawing of our thoughts and our desires to want to submit them to Him. We exchange our will for His will to be done in our lives. You control whether you will invite God to be a part of this day or will you make the choice to leave Him out of today and go your own way.

The Bible saids, that for every temptation, God has already made a way of escape,(1 Corinthians 10:13). That means, that when we are tempted to do, say, or perform any unrighteous act; God has already made a way for you and I to choose his way out of that temptation. It’s just a matter of will we choose the way of escape He has set before us. The way He would be pleased that we have chosen, or our fleshly way; what we want.

I’ll grant you, it’s not easy, if it were, this wouldn’t be an issue we face today. But, it is doable, otherwise why would He have said it?! I have found that the more I give my fleshly desires to Him and allow the Holy Spirit to guide me; it becomes easier and easier to choose His way in my decision making. It becomes what the world would call our “second nature”, but, I believe, since we were made in God’s image; I believe, it’s actually our “first nature”. It’s just that life has taken us so far away from our true and intended nature; the nature we have like God’s nature; that doing His will first, has become our “second nature”. And that’s why we have a difficult time making His life choices in our lives. But, you let the Holy Spirit have His way with you, and you will find that making good, honorable, godly life choices, feels right; Righteous! His Righteous Right Way becomes the dominant way. And before you know it; over time; if we try to do life our way, the Holy Spirit will convict us and we then, won’t wanna do life any other way, but His way! Wow! God is so awesome in the way He has designed us!

So what choices will you make today in exchange for a day of your life?! Will you listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit; His leading? When you feel Him drawing you this way to the right and not that way to the left, which way will you choose?! When He wants you to give a “kind” answer and not your “bad attitude” answer, what answer will you give?! When He prompts you and say “love him or her anyway”, will you choose to love?! Like I said, it is so not easy, but, it is doable! How will you spend your day today….your life hours?!

With Love In My Heart, Monica

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His Righteous Right Way

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