Bella’s Blessings

Hi! I’m Monica

I am a perfectly imperfect woman of faith, a mother of three adults, and the happy grandmother of eight beautiful grand-babies. I enjoy Studying God’s Word, Writing, and Teaching. I am passionate about equipping women to live with boldness and great faith as ambassadors for Christ. I’m encouraged to inspire women in hope and faith and stirring up the gifts in others. Join me for Encouragement, Bible Study, Devotionals and Lifestyle tips to help you live out your purpose and mission for Christ, all for the glory of God.

Bella’s Blessings, founded on; Grace, Hope, Love and Prosperity:

Grace, God’s grace to see anything through.

Hope, Hope for today and hope for tomorrow.

Love, Love in action, is God in action.

Prosperity, Prosperity will follow you.

Take a ghlp (gulp) of God’s Words and His Beautiful Blessings!

Bella’s Blessings is about restoring the real you! No mask! No covering up! Restoring you back to the person you were created to be. Be brave enough to venture into the restoration process. Explore and take to heart who God saids you are. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. You are His beloved, you are His Masterpiece! You are Beautiful Blessings(Bella’s Blessings) to Him and to others!

Be The Real You! Decide To Love On Yourself Today!

“Not Growing Weeds” Blog

“Enriching Your Soul From The Inside Out”

Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear !

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About Me

Hi, I’m Monica, Previously a Licensed Cosmetologist and an Instructor. I became interested in Blogging as a result of over forty years in the Cosmetology industry, having been the listening ear to many many women, and listening to their many many stories. This Blog is now my Calling. I believe women need to be heard and that they have a great deal to say. This Blog is for You, all of You beautiful, precious women, leading busy lives, ordinary women who just want someone to LISTEN and to be Heard, You have the platform. This Blog is for You.Read more

Let’s Grow Together!

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