Something For Your Heart!

When the thought of “Something For Your Heart” came to my heart, it gave me such a feeling of warmth in my spirit. It caused me to “become attentive” because God was about to share something praise worthy with me….with us! And I’m thinking you felt something similar when you read the title?! It made me anticipate the possibilities! Possibilities for my good. It gave me the sense that I was about to read something that was going to help me in some way.

Why? Why did reading those four words invoke such feelings?! Because we are all looking for someone to tell us something that gives us hope and meaning and touches our heart. We are all looking to be acknowledged in some way. We want to be told that everything is going to work out fine. We are all wanting a better life for ourselves and our loved ones! We want to be the best person we can possibly be(most of us anyway). And unless something effects our heart and our thinking, it can’t effectively be put into action. And even if it is acted upon, it won’t have the same impact to change us.

Impact. That was my heart’s desire when the Lord called me to venture into teaching and preaching and writing His words. I wanted to make a positive impact on people’s lives. I wanted to share with them something useful that they could use to make a real difference in their lives. I wanted that so much so that it is what drives me in my writing style…in my writing thoughts( and of course the Holy Spirit). To me, there’s not much point in writing something if it doesn’t move a person’s heart to make a change in some way. If it doesn’t grab a hold of them at the core of their being and causes them to do something different….something different that enlightens them and makes them new! Why write if you’re not helping someone?! If the words we write don’t hit the reader where it matters, we are just tapping on letters.

So what’s the “Something for your heart” message? The something for your heart is the comfort of knowing that we know Someone who can heal our hearts! Someone who can change our lives. Someone who truly cares about us and wants to make us new. His name is Jesus and He is with you now wanting to take on your struggles and simplify your life. He doesn’t want us striving…..losing our peace. He can and wants to help us in every aspect of our lives. That is a comfort to me. He is Help like no other. His help truly changes our circumstances!

You wanna change? Ask Him! You wanna different life for you and your children? Ask Him! You want a new beginning? Ask Him! Whatever it is…. whatever you need, it’s at His table. Go to Him in prayer and ask Him. And that my loves, is Something For Your Heart!

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Published by Monica Bell

Hi! I'm Monica! I'm an ordinary woman who wants to do extraordinary work for my God. I began Bella's Blessings Blog to encourage and inspire women in their faith walk and in their day-to-day lives. I'm new at this "techy" stuff, but I pray my words will uplift and enlighten you in some way. I believe all women are extra-ordinary as designed by their Creator. We have soooooo much inside of us to offer to this world. I designed this Blog for you and for me to grow and glorify our Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I'm here to encourage you and to assist you in bringing your jewels to the surface. You are a're even more valuable than that! You are precious to our Savior and you were created to soar! I Pray God's Blessings Over You.

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