A New Day To Be Free!

Yesterday is forever gone. Today is new with many many possibilities. What will you exchange these next few hours of your life for?! You see, once you spend it, it’s gone; gone forever! So how valuable is today to you?! What will you do, say and be today?! Caution: Be mindful; you’re exchanging it for a day spent from your life hours!

Will you choose to use this day to be free and to live your best life, or will you exchange this valuable commodity for a day filled with depression, anxiety, worry and the like? It’s up to you; it’s really up to you. You have control of your will, God gave us free will, but, it is the Father that does the drawing. The drawing of our mind unto Himself. The drawing of our thoughts and our desires to want to submit them to Him. We exchange our will for His will to be done in our lives. You control whether you will invite God to be a part of this day or will you make the choice to leave Him out of today and go your own way.

The Bible saids, that for every temptation, God has already made a way of escape,(1 Corinthians 10:13). That means, that when we are tempted to do, say, or perform any unrighteous act; God has already made a way for you and I to choose his way out of that temptation. It’s just a matter of will we choose the way of escape He has set before us. The way He would be pleased that we have chosen, or our fleshly way; what we want.

I’ll grant you, it’s not easy, if it were, this wouldn’t be an issue we face today. But, it is doable, otherwise why would He have said it?! I have found that the more I give my fleshly desires to Him and allow the Holy Spirit to guide me; it becomes easier and easier to choose His way in my decision making. It becomes what the world would call our “second nature”, but, I believe, since we were made in God’s image; I believe, it’s actually our “first nature”. It’s just that life has taken us so far away from our true and intended nature; the nature we have like God’s nature; that doing His will first, has become our “second nature”. And that’s why we have a difficult time making His life choices in our lives. But, you let the Holy Spirit have His way with you, and you will find that making good, honorable, godly life choices, feels right; Righteous! His Righteous Right Way becomes the dominant way. And before you know it; over time; if we try to do life our way, the Holy Spirit will convict us and we then, won’t wanna do life any other way, but His way! Wow! God is so awesome in the way He has designed us!

So what choices will you make today in exchange for a day of your life?! Will you listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit; His leading? When you feel Him drawing you this way to the right and not that way to the left, which way will you choose?! When He wants you to give a “kind” answer and not your “bad attitude” answer, what answer will you give?! When He prompts you and say “love him or her anyway”, will you choose to love?! Like I said, it is so not easy, but, it is doable! How will you spend your day today….your life hours?!

With Love In My Heart, Monica

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His Righteous Right Way

Published by Monica Bell

Hi! I'm Monica! I'm an ordinary woman who wants to do extraordinary work for my God. I began Bella's Blessings Blog to encourage and inspire women in their faith walk and in their day-to-day lives. I'm new at this "techy" stuff, but I pray my words will uplift and enlighten you in some way. I believe all women are extra-ordinary as designed by their Creator. We have soooooo much inside of us to offer to this world. I designed this Blog for you and for me to grow and glorify our Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I'm here to encourage you and to assist you in bringing your jewels to the surface. You are a jewel.....you're even more valuable than that! You are precious to our Savior and you were created to soar! I Pray God's Blessings Over You.

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